Le Fichier des Écritures Comptables [FEC]

Since 2014, a legal requirement makes it mandatory for companies operating in France to provide a file of their general accounting postings by fiscal year corresponding to an electronic accounting journal.

For ERPNext users this file can be generated using a report available if you system's country is France.


To generate the report correctly, your Chart of Account needs to be setup according to the french accounting rules.

All accounts need to have a number in line with the General Chart of Account (PCG) and a name.

The SIREN number of your company can be added in the "Company" doctype.

CSV generation

You can generate the required CSV file by clicking on "Export" in the top right corner of the report.

Testing Instructions

To test the validity of your file, the tax administration provides a testing tool at the following address: Outil de test des fichiers des écritures comptables (FEC)

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