This integration allows you to integrate Exotel into your ERPNext account. Leads and their phone numbers captured via Exotel can be saved directly to your ERPNext.

1. Features

  • Track incoming calls in your ERPNext account.
  • Shows existing lead/customer information pop-up to employees when an incoming call is received.

2. How to setup

2.1 Setup your Exotel account

  • Login to your Exotel account and go to App Bazar.
  • Create a new App for a new flow.
  • Setup the flow as you wish it to be.
  • In your connect API under "Create popup..." and paste following URL: https://<your-site>/api/method/erpnext.erpnext_integrations.exotel_integration.handle_incoming_call

Connect Applet Call Popup Section

> Note: Replace <your-site> in URL with your site name. For example, if the site name is then the URL will be:

  • After that add a Passthru applet under "After Call Conversation ends" and paste following URL: https://<your-site>/api/method/erpnext.erpnext_integrations.exotel_integration.handle_end_call

After Conversation Ends Section

After call ends section

> Note: Make sure to check "Make Passthru Async".

  • Similary, add a Passthru applet under "If nobody answers..." section and paste following URL: https://<your-site>/api/method/erpnext.erpnext_integrations.exotel_integration.handle_missed_call

No Response Section

After call ends section

> Note: Make sure to check "Make Passthru Async".

  • Save the flow.
  • Now assign this newly created app to your ExoPhone from which you receive your business calls.

2.2 Setup in ERPNext

  • From Awesome Bar, go to 'Exotel Settings'.
  • Set your "Exotel SID" and "Exotel Token". You can find your Exotel API key and token on your Exotel Dashboard.
  • Go to Communication Medium.
  • Add your ExoPhone and schedule that number. Based on this schedule employees will receive the popup.
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