We always recommend customers to maintain backup of their data in ERPNext. The database backup is downloaded in the form of an SQL file. If needed, this SQL file of backup can be restored in the another ERPNext account as well.

You can automate database backup download of your ERPNext account into your Dropbox account.

Note: If you are Frappe Cloud user, onsite and offsite backups are automatically created for you: https://frappecloud.com/docs/sites/backups

To setup Dropbox Backup, > Home > Integrations > Dropbox Settings

Step 1: Login to Dropbox Developer area


Step 2: Create a new Dropbox app

Create new

Step 3: Fill in the details for your new app

Choose Dropbox API and type as APP Folder Setup APP Name


Step 4: Insert your custom domain Redirect URI

https://{yourwebsite.com}/api/method/frappe.integrations.doctype.dropbox_settings.dropbox_settings.dropbox_auth_finish Set Redirect URL

Step 5: In a new window, open the Dropbox Settings page in your ERPnext installation

Step 6: Set backup frequency and email

Set the frequency to download your site backups to your Dropbox account. set frequency

Step 7: Input Keys from your Dropbox App window

From your Dropbox App page, enter the app key and (unhidden) app secret into the ERPnext Dropbox settings page.

Alternatively, you can enter it manually in sites/{sitename}/site_config.json as follows,

 "db_name": "demo",
 "db_password": "DZ1Idd55xJ9qvkHvUH",
 "dropbox_access_key": "ACCESSKEY",
 "dropbox_secret_key": "SECRECTKEY"


Step 8: Click Save before continuing

Step 9: After saving, click "Allow Dropbox Access"

The Dropbox login page will open in the new tab. This might require you to allow pop-up for your ERPNext account.

Step 11: Allow Dropbox Access

On successful login, you will find a confirmation message as following. Click on "Allow" to let your ERPNext account have access to your Dropbox account. Allow

Step 12: Confirm Backups Work

From the ERPnext Dropbox page, click Take Backup Now and then go to you Dropbox files view. You should see a new folder in Dropbox named Apps and inside of it your {New App} folder. Inside of it should be backup folders for both files and database. So for an app named erpnext, following are the folder locations:

Database files: /Apps/erpnext/database
Public files: /Apps/erpnext/files
Private files: /Apps/erpnext/private/files

> Note: If the compressed backup size exceeds 1GB (Gigabyte), the system will upload the latest available backup to Dropbox instead of generating a new backup file.

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