The 'Administrator' in ERPNext is above the System Manager and has all the rights and permissions for an ERPNext account.

A System Manager also has permissions to most items in the system, but the Administrator has unrestricted access. The administrator ensures that the overall functioning of the ERPNext system meets the needs of the organisation.

  1. If your ERPNext account is cloud-hosted with us (Frappe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), then you won't be able to access your ERPNext account as an Administrator.

  2. For cloud-hosted account, upgrades are managed from the backend. We reserve admin login credentials with us so that we can upgrade all the customer's ERPNext accounts from the backend.

  3. Since on a single server, we may host many customer's ERPNext accounts, as a security measure, we cannot share the credentials for administrator account with any cloud-hosted user. (an exception would be if you purchase a large number of users and your account is exclusively hosted on one server).

  4. For self-hosted on-premises accounts, the admin credentials are with the account user.

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