How To Freeze Accounting Ledger?

If you want to discontinue using specific Account, you can freeze it.

Account can be Frozen by the User having specific Role. This Role for set in the Account Settings, in the field "Role Allowed to Set Frozen Accounts & Edit Frozen Entries".

Please check following steps to freeze an Account from the Chart of Accounts master.

Step 1: Chart of Accounts

To edit an Account, go to Chart of Accounts:

Explore > Accounting > Chart of Accounts

Freeze Account

Click on Account in which Frozen Date is to be updated.

Step 2: Set Account as Frozen

In the Account form, you will find a field called Frozen. Set value in this field as 'Yes'

Freeze Account

Step 3: Save

After update Save an Account.

On saving, this Account will be frozen and will not be selectable in any accounting transaction.

Note: In future, if you want to make an accounting transaction against this Account, then you can unfreeze this account by setting values in the Frozen field as 'No'.

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